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Walk & Roll to School Day 2018

Jefferson's Walk & Roll to School Day 2018
is Wednesday, October 10!


Walk & Roll to School Day is a global event in which students in more than 40 countries and in thousands of schools across America all walk to school on the same day, bringing attention to safer and more accessible streets and sidewalks, outdoor fun, pedestrian safety, physical activity, and respect for the environment. Jefferson is a proud participant in Walk & Roll to School Day 2018.

Want a fun way to get to school on October 10?  Get on the bus!  We will have four Walking School Buses for your children to join and walk or roll to school with responsible adults - leaving from all four points of the compass around Jefferson.

  • The NORTH WALKING SCHOOL BUS leaves from Mother’s Meadow – north side of Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, one block east of 19th Avenue.  This is a great place to park your car and have
    your children join the group.

  • The SOUTH WALKING SCHOOL BUS leaves from the corner of 18th Avenue & Kirkham.
  • The EAST WALKING SCHOOL BUS leaves from the sidewalk in front of Andronico's – Irving between Funston & 14th Avenue.
  • The WEST WALKING SCHOOL BUS leaves from the northeast corner of 22nd Avenue & Judah – the N-Judah and the #7 bus also stop at this intersection.

Drop off your children at any of these meeting places starting at 8:10 a.m.  The Walking School Buses will start walking to school at 8:20 a.m.  Parents are more than welcome (but not required) to accompany their children on the Walking School Buses. Students may also walk or roll directly to school without joining a Walking School Bus.

All bicyclists may use the bike racks either in the Kindergarten Yard or outside the 18th Avenue gate.  Do remember to bring a bike lock, especially for bikes parked in the 18th Avenue rack.  Smaller equipment, such as folding scooters, skateboards, and skates, should be taken to class to leave room for bikes and nonfolding scooters in the racks.

Please encourage your children to stop by the tables in the Middle Yard or the Kindergarten Yard before school starts to collect a few special goodies to commemorate their participation in Walk & Roll to School Day 2018!

Now Let's Walk & Roll!

Walk and Roll Day 2018

Let's Walk Safely!

Safe Pedestrian Practices