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Don't Just Shop - GoodShop!

GoodShop is a portal to more than 5,000 online shops that give a donation with each purchase.  If you start your shopping session at any online merchant by first going through GoodShop on this page, Jefferson receives a portion of the purchase price of any items you buy from donating merchants. There is no special signup required and no extra cost to you.  Just click on any of the GoodShop links or banners on this page and start shopping!

You do not need to register with GoodShop for Jefferson to benefit.  But if you do choose to register, then GoodShop will keep track of how much you personally earn for Jefferson and will send you an email informing you each time a donation is sent to Jefferson as the result of a purchase you made.

You'd be amazed at all of the online shops that are available through GoodShop - Target, the Lego store, The Children's Place, and Virgin America.  Shutterfly and TinyPrints and Lands' End. Expedia and Macy's and Holiday Inn and Crate & Barrel.  Groupon, See's Candies, Ace Hardware, and Walgreens all give great percentages!

And when you find the online store you want to shop at, GoodShop will also tell you if there are any applicable coupons or promo codes available to you.

It's just worthwhile, before you do any online shopping, to first check whether GoodShop features the merchant you're interested in.  If it's not listed, it's no big deal.  But if it is, it's all the better for Jefferson, at no extra cost to you.

Now let's make it easy to do the right thing:

Please bookmark Jefferson's GoodShop page so you can benefit Jefferson every time you shop.

Shopping from your computer?  From whatever browser you like, click this GoodShop link.  Once at the new page, bookmark it (in Chrome and Firefox, this involves clicking the star at the end of the URL bar).  Call the bookmark something catchy like Jefferson GoodShop.

Next time you feel like shopping, just click your bookmark to go straight to the shopping experience that benefits Jefferson the most on GoodShop.

Why not create your own Jefferson GoodShop App for your mobile device?

Not at your computer when the urge to shop hits you?  You can make your own GoodShop app to benefit Jefferson whenever you shop on your phone, tablet, or other mobile device.  It's actually just a bookmark saved on your mobile homescreen.

From your mobile device, copy this URL:


Open Safari on your mobile device.  Now paste the copied URL into the "Search or enter website name" box and hit "Go." Once GoodShop loads (it will be the special Jefferson-tagged version even though it doesn't show the full URL at the top of the screen), click the icon at the bottom of the screen that looks like a square with an up arrow.  Now click the option "Add to Home Screen."  When asked, choose a name for the bookmark that is something catchy like Jefferson GoodShop, and click "Add."

You now have a shortcut on your mobile device that works just like the GoodShop app but benefits Jefferson.

Warning:  Although GoodShop lists Amazon, accessing Amazon through the GoodShop portal gives Jefferson a much smaller percentage than accessing Amazon or AmazonSmile through Jefferson's Amazon page or AmazonSmile link.  Let GoodShop be your portal for everything you buy online except your Amazon or AmazonSmile purchases.

Thank you for helping Jefferson!  It is sincerely appreciated!