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Quick and easy:  Just go to this link

Bookmark it. Next time you shop on Amazon (and every time!), start from the bookmarked page.

Want to know more details?  Read on:

If you start your online shopping session on AmazonSmile from any of the banners or links on this page, Jefferson receives a percentage of the purchase price of any items you buy, at no extra cost to you.  You don't need a special AmazonSmile account; you can use your Amazon account. Just click on any of the AmazonSmile banners on this page or any links in the text, and start shopping!

Is it better for Jefferson if you shop at Amazon or AmazonSmile?

As long as you access either one through a Jefferson-tagged link, banner, bookmark, or app, both ways are great for Jefferson.  And if you've designated "Jefferson Elementary PTA San Francisco CA" as your charity of choice on AmazonSmile, then using Jefferson-tagged AmazonSmile is even better.  So right now, if you haven't already done it, please go to AmazonSmile and designate Jefferson as your chosen charity.  You only need to do this once per browser.  Make sure you choose the right Jefferson by putting "Jefferson Elementary PTA San Francisco" in the charity search box.

Here are the numbers:

If you click one of our links to AmazonSmile, and you haven't designated Jefferson as your chosen charity on AmazonSmile, then Jefferson will earn 4% to 8% of your purchases on either site at no extra cost to you (the same is true if you access Amazon through the search box below).  If you designate Jefferson as your charity of choice on AmazonSmile, then Jefferson will earn 0.5% of your AmazonSmile purchases at no extra cost to you, regardless of how you access AmazonSmile.  Now here's the bonus:  IF you've designated Jefferson as your charity of choice on AmazonSmile AND you click one of our AmazonSmile links to access AmazonSmile, THEN Jefferson will earn 4% to 8% PLUS 0.5% of your purchases on AmazonSmile!


Making it easy to do the right thing:

Please bookmark Jefferson's AmazonSmile Page so you can benefit Jefferson every time you shop.

Shopping from your computer?  From whatever browser you like, click this AmazonSmile link.  Once at the new page, bookmark it (in Chrome and Firefox, this involves clicking the star at the end of the URL bar).  Call the bookmark something catchy like Jefferson AmazonSmile.

Next time you feel like shopping, just click your bookmark to go straight to the shopping experience that benefits Jefferson the most on AmazonSmile.

Why not create your own Jefferson AmazonSmile App for your mobile device?

Not at your computer when the urge to shop hits you?  You can make your own AmazonSmile app to benefit Jefferson whenever you shop on your phone, tablet, or other mobile device.  It's actually just a bookmark saved on your mobile homescreen.

From your mobile device, copy this URL:

Open Safari on your mobile device.  Now paste the copied URL into the "Search or enter website name" box and hit "Go."  Once AmazonSmile loads (it will be the special Jefferson-tagged version even though it doesn't show the full URL at the top of the screen), click the icon at the bottom of the screen that looks like a square with an up arrow.  Now click the option "Add to Home Screen."  When asked, choose a name for the bookmark that is something catchy like Jefferson AmazonSmile, and click "Add."

You now have a shortcut on your mobile device that works just like the AmazonSmile app but benefits Jefferson.

Warning:  If you forget to use a link or a shortcut and go straight to regular Amazon, Amazon will probably suggest in a popup that you might be happier buying the same items from AmazonSmile.  If you click the offered link to go to AmazonSmile, Jefferson will earn only 0.5% of your purchases.  Please take Amazon's kind suggestion simply as a reminder to use your special Jefferson-tagged AmazonSmile links, banners, bookmarks, or apps to earn Jefferson the much better 4.5% to 8.5%.

Suggestion:  You can always search for or put items in your cart regardless of how you access AmazonSmile.  Just be sure to click your special Jefferson-tagged AmazonSmile links, banners, bookmarks, or apps before you purchase what's in your cart, to ensure Jefferson earns the credit.

About our Amazon search box:  We have been unable to reconfigure the code behind the Amazon search box below to take advantage of the extra 0.5% bonus you can earn on AmazonSmile when you designate Jefferson as your chosen charity.  Regardless, if you access Amazon through the search box, Jefferson will still earn a very respectable 4% to 8% of your purchases.

Amazon Search Box

Thank you for helping Jefferson!  It is sincerely appreciated!

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In 2015, the Jefferson community spent $23,453 on Amazon and MyHabit and earned an awesome $1,476 for Jefferson through the Amazon Associates program!

In 2016, we spent $37,040 on Amazon and earned an amazing $2,146 for Jefferson through the Amazon Associates program.  Well done!

In 2017, we spent $34,254 on Amazon and AmazonSmile and earned $1818 for Jefferson. Good going!

In 2018, we spent $21,791 and earned $1116 for Jefferson.  Not bad!


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